About Dr. Jennifer Phillips

Specialties and Background

An expert in natural health care, Dr. Phillips obtained a Bachelors Degree in Pre-Med Biology from the University of Evansville.  She then attended the ND program at Bastyr University in Washington state.  A comprehensive 4-year medical program that helped Dr. Phillips find her passion for a natural and holistic approach to health and wellness.  She has been serving the South Jersey area for almost 20 years providing care to families and patients from the Tri-State area.  Her specialties include food allergies and women’s health, and she is especially fond of holistic care for children as this is where a lifetime of good health starts.

Dr. Phillips is dedicated to personalized health care as an alternative to disease management (the current trend in medicine). A consultation does not end after an office visit; instead, it is the start of a relationship that creates health. A comprehensive health program is begun, including diet and lifestyle recommendations as well as tools necessary to make the changes last.

Naturopathy In New Jersey

When asked why she would choose to practice in New Jersey, an unlicensed state that affords few privileges to licensed ND’s, Dr. Phillips always replies “there is still as much need here as any other licensed state.” She firmly believes that the road to licensure is paved by the good work of doctors practicing in states that are yet uneducated about Naturopathic medicine. New Jersey is currently working toward obtaining licensure for licensed ND’s.

Support From The Medical Community

Dr. Phillips has the support of other physicians in the community if necessary for the purpose of physical examination, lab testing, and referrals. She carefully provides the information needed to use natural therapies successfully and to make informed decisions about other avenues of health care.

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